Monday, September 2, 2013


My dear Little Princess Aleena

She is now 1 Years and 9 months.
She has grown into masya allah a beautiful girl.
I am truly thankful and bless for her

Since she masuk nursery, she is often sick. On and off.
Flu there and here. Fever but always alhamdullilah resolves quickly.

But last week she had a 5 days fever. Not a high grade one.
With no flu or cough. So decided to just sponge and give her Supp PcM and voltaren.
Alhadmullilah she already recovered. And im enjoying her while she is healthy.

I do notice that aleena is easily disturb and cry. Often because she dindt
get what she wants or her way.
Or because somebody disturb her. For example quarell over a toys or something.
Thus she will continue this to her sleep as well.
So she will on and off sleep and awaken crying.
Tiring for her and us as a parents too.

So we need to keep her happy the night before.
So yeah. problem ni.
Actually if us the parents is not around she will be ok.
play all day in nursery.
no problem at all.\
i guess it is a common problem la.

All toddlers wants attention. so they cry, scream and merengek all day long.

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