Monday, June 17, 2013

Buffet- Impiana Hotel KLCC

This hotel has been solely our family favorite ever since forever. (Family means- My husband , Aleena and I)
We usually check in for a weekend there but most of the time we just went there for breakfast buffet. We really like the enviroment there. Very pleasant and calm. the atmosphere is very relaxing.

The food is nice as well.The staff is very friendly and attentive. We always been greeted politely and they always attend to our needs efficiently. Aleena loves it too.

I will make a breakfast buffet entry some other time. 
Last Thursday Mr Husband decided to treat me to Tonka Bean Impiana Klcc Hotel.
He always make a sudden wonderful treat for me.That is why i dont really care much whenever we dont celebrate our anniversary or such. I dont really make a big deal out of it as he always nice to me. Treated me to all kind of special things day and night regardless its a special date or not.

anyway, we were lucky that on the same day the hotel is making a Pre-Ramadhan buffet for the blogger and media to try out and make a review about it.
so Yeah more delicious and drooling buffet spread for us. VERY LUCKY!

But as i was there for the food and quite hungry i dont really fight with the bloggers for the picture. As i always go there for ramadhan buffet as well , so i kind a have in mind already what is the spread. 
the new food they add in is SALMON SASHIMI my fave!


 they have everything that you can name it! western eastern malaysian .
and the best part is their ice cream is baskin robin!

 My husband enjoying every dishes.
 so did my little baby aleena.:-) she had ice cream that night and went around running everywhere at the hotel lobby later that night bahahah.


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