Wednesday, June 12, 2013

update on my breastfeeding journey

It has been 1 year and 7 months now.
and i still love it. although it is so tiring and time consuming but im getting hang of it.
my supply at times drop tremendously and has to use up all my stock.
but then it turn to normal again
the picture is not on normal days. that is Wednesday. usually most i can get is ony 12 oz.

i try to supplement aleena with formula milk. Once there a booth at the Jusco mall and i let aleena try, she drank happily. bought a packed and mix them a few times. if i make 3 oz she will only drink half of it.

anyway, rezeki aleena, suddenly my husband office mate decided to supply aleena with her milk as she is oversupply.
so YAY! aleena now has ibu susuan. Her name is AISYAH and aleena now sister susuan is AYRA.

anyway, my milk is enough for aleena, but i rotate her stock with my milk so that i will still have supply until aleena insya allah 2 years old.
now i give to the nursery 2x3oz my milk and 2x 4 oz Aisyah milk's.

i am still insya allah gonna continue breastfeed her until 2 years old. then will try to wean her off. exercise regularly and hardworkingly so that i reduce as much as weight so that i can get pregnant again.

currently i will always called up my friends who in need of help on breastfeeding. 
anyway can always contact me and i will happily share my experience.

owh btw, i am not the kind of person who pump once and get oz of milk. top is 6 oz. but mostly is 4 oz. i am thankful that it is enough for aleena.



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