Thursday, June 27, 2013


Being a mother and a wife is the toughest task in the entire world. i bet it is easier to be a president of a country than being a mother and a wife.

You need to be motivated all the time. You cannot be depress or down in order to get trough the day. heck you cant even be sick.
Your daily activities is filled every minutes of the day. If you are a housewife from the moment you are awake you need to do a lot of thing. If you are a working mom too. Well that is for me. I do both.
Working, Cleaning, Cooking and etc etc. Tiring as hell. sorry to say but im happy to do them.It is just that emotionally, sometimes i am down to. Tiring and disappointing. But i dont really play well with my emotion. Usually i will just ignore them coz i cant afford to be down and depress. my family daily life depend on me totally.

to tell the truth i am tired. but i am feeling satisfied that i did everything right by the end of the i dont really have time for myself. mandi pun anak tagging sekali. (dont imagine how), so no time for myself. but it is not a bad thing that every friday during lunch time i will savor those long lunch period for  myself. go out with friends and eat expensive food bahaha or go to the salon and spa. so that is my precious time. 

 Usually at 5 pm sharp i will run to my car to fetch aleena. not a minute waste.i got long chores awaiting me at home too. 

Fetch aleena from nursery , keep milk in the fridge, breastfeed aleena, wash and sterile bottle and pump, cook, do the laundry, sweep and mop the floor, get aleena nursery stuff ready.

so yeah.. 


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