Tuesday, June 11, 2013

having another baby?

i really do want another baby. but i am not fully ready yet. 

first and foremost aleena is still fully breastfeed. as she barely eats much, but eats jugak la. can finish the whole chicken drumstick? hahahah

she depending my milk most of the time.

my mil has been asking bout this countless time.she said i need to give aleena a friend to play with. bahahah not a good reason to have another one as for me quantity is not important as the quality is. and i know my MIL highly praising me on very good jaga anak.hihihih but not now as aleena still need my attention fully.

nevermind send aleena to nursery already have many friends to play with if that is a reason for me to have another baby.

but anyway, according to chinese calender. if i want to have a baby boy for the next one, i need to conceive by may next year. not that i believe much in it as it is syirik hahaahh.