Sunday, June 9, 2013

i wanna write again

i shall write again because when i re-read again all the post before, i felt happy that i can trace back all those memories. nowadays the fact that i dont have time to do so, solely because aleena cant see me at peace. she will stalk me weh! toilet ,kitchen, anywhere. she bang on the door every time i go to the toilet and basically push the door open and smile and play "cak cak"(peek-a-boo) with me.

let start slow, okay.

jom cerita pasal my maid (sepupu/pengasuh aleena) ran away.

she is my husband cousin from kelantan. she is 20 years old. dia dah tak sekolah lama dah. she has been taking care of my husband grandmother before and after she passed away she just stay home and do nothing.
then my MIL asked her to take care of aleena.
she agreed. she has been doing a great job taking care of aleena. physically. but she dont really like to play and all with aleena. aleena usually will play by herself. watch tv when she dont watch. and slept a lot.  
i will cooked a bit extra the night before as my maid will re-heat the food. i dont want her to leave aleena alone and cook. so yeah. she will help around the house a bit. such as laundry, sweep and clean the floor. that is it. cuci toilet i buat,  masak, urusan lain semua i buat lah.

i dont mind as long as aleena stayed at home. means no need to send her to nursery-lah.
so anyway,

one fine day, nik father side grandma pass away in kelantan. so we rush back. and we cant bring her along(i think she wants to go back along) there is no space in my MYVI okay. 
what happen is that she decided to run away. called her parents, leave a note and bye bye.

she told me before that after raya she wanna go back for good. yeah we are all okay with it. called up nursery and booked aleena place for after raya. where we will trained aleena like half day for a week or so. not like totally leave her just like that to a stranger.

but no... she decided to be really dumb and leave us just like that. bullshit enough not even dare to answer my phone call or sms. dont even have the courtesy to call or sms to ask how aleena is doing in nursery. where in the first place she seem concern to send aleena there. seriously.

but after all that, aleena is doing fine in the nursery nowadays. it took her 2 weeks to blend in and be comfortable there. after that she seem eager to go every morning. will write a special post on her nursery later.

as for us as a family, my husband and i have a blast without her as we dont have to constantly worrying bout her. where whenever we went outing, she wont follow, so i had to either cooked and prepare her meal before hand. leceh paham. now no more we are free. i dont have to cook each night for her meals tomorrow as well.
 and we can eat whatever we want.

and no stranger at home.
just US.

i dont want to have a maid anymore. housework is not a problem to me.
but  having a maid that i have to  BELA is a no no.

hantar je anak kat nursery and pasrah and constantly doa Allah s.w.t will protect them. dok rumah dengan maid pun bukan selamat mana.  


  1. Tak guna punya maid. Hope you're ok babe!

  2. i am but gila serabut uruskan aleena and nursery