Wednesday, November 6, 2013

3 years and insya allah still counting...

My 3rd anniversary.

That morning woke up, dont feel like different from any other day.
wasnt too looking forward to it as anniversary is just a another numbers
add up to your marriage life.

we went makan tony romas.
owh my birthday last month we went to traders hotel.

Well it does means something, it means both of you are in love and willing to fight and
cheers the years of marriage ahead.

Yes marriage is where you love and fight at the same times.
fight of argument and to be with forever.
for the sake of love and families.

3 years is a bliss for me. cant believe it as well.
bless with Aleena.

i am the type yang senang marah tapi senang memaafkan dan melupakan.
husband on the other part susah gila nak marah, penyabar orangnya, tak berapa senang memaafkan
dan melupakan. sebab tu dia jarang marah.
very the opposite. i think this is what makes our marriage works.
that is what i think. shall ask my husband to write bout our marriage soon.

i believe he has to be patience with me, a lot of it. i am aggresive, stubborn and impatience.
it is hard to argue with me, as i would love to win in most argument. so there fore i always avoid it.
i have learn to be patience a lot from my laid back husband.

he is such a laid back person he can even day dream while driving. bahah so i have to be alerted at all times
and guided him while driving.

my ignorance and easily forgive and forget is what make my marriage works.
i am not a highly maintained women, i rarely shops( so my husband doesnt have to have headache on this) and
i can live humbly but my husband always decide to treat me like a queen.
mainly of what we eat la. maybe due to that i am extremly fat nowadays.

before my maid ran away, we had helps around the house. due to that my husband dont lend a hand in anyway at all.
especially with housework.
however, after my maid dissapear and i was sick for a week due to muscle sprain, he is such a big helps. house chores
is being done together.

i do believe a house that is full of happiness, no jealousy, no heartache,
no grudge and hatred is the key to a well to do family.

we aim high, both of us is very ambitious, but we keep our feet to the ground.
try to support each other in both of our dreams, life, and career.

supporting in each other, physically and emotionally.

i am bless to have my dear husband in life,thank you god for a wonderful jodoh.

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