Sunday, October 3, 2010

wedding venue

the wedding will be held at my own house, by the poolside(im living in an apartment). as the caterer will be settled by my dad, i havent asked what kind of decoration the caterer will provide. will asked him later.
i was thinking of putting something floating in the pool, but i am so afraid there will be kids, swimming during my wedding. but i hope not as my wedding will be held at noon. usually no kids swim at this hour.
i hope all those tree is enough to keep cool of the area.
and since this is an old apartment all the trees and flower grew nicely already. so i hope the photos will turn out awesome.
the akad nikah will be held in a small dewan downstairs. i wish to see it one day and imagine myself of the decoration i can do.
as i will do it myself with the help of my sister of course. she will be the mastermind!