Thursday, October 7, 2010

wedding favours

nak ini please, anyone know anywhere to find?

owh i did a second fitting today, alhamdullilah everything is okay, all i need is to loose a few kg, haha or reshape my body, toughen up so my baju will look flawless.
will bringin them home tomorrow.

i bought tudung for my wedding already. from RATU. love it. simple because my wedding dresses is already full beaded. so i dont want to over crowd them.will be wearing a tiara on that day although i despise the idea very much.

wedding favours by my auntie is a bunga telur, i never thought i will have one. so yeah a little touch of traditional there.


take out all the hantaran after they have been stach out for almost 6 months! as i mention earlier i buy one item per month. because i have a very limited budget for my wedding. it will be simple as possible. so mr nik will be bringing home to alor setar tomorrow, as my sister in law to be will be decorating them as for me, i will DIY with both my sister and my mother along. we are intended to purchase quite abig amount of fresh flowers to decor.

my room is a ugly mess.

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