Monday, October 11, 2010

wedding menu

the caterer will be handle by my parents, however since we decided to have a dessert table, i have order this smashing colours of cupcakes for the wedding day.i have ordered 100 of the mini cupcakes. i cant order more, because i am afraid that my brother has ordered some too. my dad gonna add in some cendol. my auntie gonna make kuih-muih tradisional. and my super duper lovely the mother of my BFF, has sponsered 300 individual caramel.
im gonna put a bowl of hershey kisses chocolates on the table as well.
so i think that would do it. beside my sister in law is making some individual pudding and laksa as well! omigod why do i have to be the bride on that day with all those food? hahaha insya allah.

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