Thursday, October 21, 2010

caterer @ 10 pm

they arrove sharp at my house at 10.00pm last night. i know it was late at night but when they say they gonna come they did. i really appriciated it. i was so reluctant when dealing with malay in business(i know it sounded harsh) but you cant blame me when i have so much of bad experience with them.
for instant, i once went to RATU (kedai tudung) in semua house, one of the worker yell at my sister back when my sister asked her why she just sits around doing nothing to help me pick a tudung?
meanwhile we just went to buy a stupid baju melayu button in a chinese shop whom happily guided us trough 10 types of baju melayu button even though i specifically told the lady i wanted a cheap one. but she treat me with smile, jokes and laugh! dammit!
the same thing happen with mr nik tailor, they lost his baju for a while and when it is compare to my tailor, it was ready before time, a few adjustment was made until i am satisfied and she still give me rm 20 wedding angpau!

anyway, alhamdullilah this caterer send me a new quotation within the same night that he went back! at 12 am! omigod, that is my new birthday present as well. and since we wanted a lot of adjustment, the price is only slightly higher and i am very happy with it. alhamdullilah insya allah i pronounced we already have a caterer from seri cempaka catering! superb treatment!

happiness.thank you Allah s.w.t.

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