Monday, October 18, 2010


what in the world is wrong with my parents? they wanted to settled the caterer but yet nothing is done! im so worried and so annoyed and so pissed off as well.
whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt is it!
i cant even talked to them! i will be tempered.
they should let me do it myself in the first place. and now when i give suggestion ada je masalah diorang itu tak kena ini tak kena.
im so pissed off!
i feel like screaming like a maniac. im telling you.
i cannot handle this and face it anymore.
i feel like running away.
sigh, i did this half day, i took a day off to relax. nOOOOoOO they cant leave me alone for a second. ada sahaja. ok. im tired.
i feel like crying my eyes out!


  1. sabar ea dear... dugaan da dekat2 majlis ni mmg byk... i pon td caterer ckp daging rendang xblh buat coz takut basi.. sbb masa penghantaran agak lama sket.. hmmm then tukar dgn daging kicap berempah... of coz rasa xpuas hati.. tp malas nk pikir2 da. huhuh. be patient taw... :D

  2. be patient dear.. hope to be with u rite now.. rindu awk sgt2!!!

  3. yuna:stress kan. masalahnya saya xde katering lg.uwaaa
    wafa;omigoddd wish ur hereeeee rindu awak juge