Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don said...

don't worry syg about the cooking and cleaning things.. i wont change myself 2 become typical husband when we get married.. instead u make a breakfast, i'll do it 4 us.. insyallah i'll cook 4 lunch n dinner 2 (if got time) if not NZ sudey hehehe... we'll do fine.. trust me..

by mr nik. how sweet is that!?

anyway, my besties throw me a bachalorette party last night at the royal bintang hotel. we had fun talking, fooling around, talking nonsese, swimming, eating and sleeping! hahaha not to mention a fail session of movie!

owh six more days to go.

i went to bangsar for threading and waxing! burm rm145 for it.but it is all worth it! i feel clean!

cant wait to get marry! yay!

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