Sunday, October 24, 2010

selendang and tudung nikah

my mum and i went to jalan tuanku abdul raman(yet again for the i dont know how many times) in search of mr nik matching baju melayu(baju nikah) and my selendang for the akad nikah. we found one at the exact same shop i found my two (pink and gold veil) and mr nik baju melayu somehwere along the way. lega. then i went to ampang park for my tudung nikah at the same exact shop that i bought my 2 other tudung. settled. for inner tudung, go there, all the colour you want they have.
then we went to ikea.
i wanted to organize the room nicely so that when mr nik and live together in this small room, we will feel at ease. hehe:-).
for the picture mind my tired looking skin and face. i am tired.

owh all the veil is open for rent. anyone can borrow and pay me the amount you want to pay. i dont mind. :-)
owh and i also bought mini glasses for the centerpiece decoration from ikea. drinking glass so that we can reuse later.

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