Wednesday, October 20, 2010

today progression

i was hoping to settled the caterer today.but i havent got my other 2 option for caterer quotatation. sigh. just because i have a good review on this caterer for the food, i wish to have them for the wedding.

anyway, today my BUNTINGS arrive! FEDEX lagi you all. why my kedai kad kahwin so nice? i nak promote dia zulfahmi dari GEDUNG KAD KAHIWIN puchong, service best! i puas hati dengan kad dia, and layanan dia. walaupun ada sedikit delayed sebab i malas nak update dengan dia(owh salah aku la kan) the card is printed accordingly. only 1 adjustment then it is done.
no dia:0126632527 can discuss trough email the entire time. and in the end i pick up my cards at JALAN PUDU.
owh as i dont want to wear any corset during the wedding day, i opted to use this SPANX instead. so i bought online for rm185 and received it today. supposedly. but sadly speaking my mum wasnt around so i have to go to post office tomorrow to pick up the package. happy:-) owh mr nik doesnt have to know how i spend my money. hehe this is how its look like.

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