Monday, October 18, 2010

mr nik baju melayu

mr nik baju melayu is ready! yay dah boleh kawin, it is all complete. hehe.
but then when i went there this morning the tailor actually lost the upper top of his baju melayu! the gold one. i was furious.but i keep my calm. i asked them to find it or replace with the same one. they did find it anyway.
and it is all done. but mr nik havent done with the fitting, he will come over to my place tonight. so instead of doing the fitting at the tailor i decided to just pick it up and hoping it will fit him nicely.
all i need to do now is buy him a nice black shining shoe from BATA and a songkok. he dont have one.
his button for baju melayu already bought in semua house. mahal woh butang baju melayu rm30.
anyway 2 weeks a 4 days left!