Sunday, October 24, 2010

1 week and five days

yesterday i couldnt sleep. i was awake most of the time, i figure i am too tired that i became dad was giving me his second thought that he was afraid the caterer will con us! at this time where no others caterer will take us into his account and my dad is saying that, makes me so frustrated!
that is the other reason why i am so restless.

anyway this week is the last week im going to do anything. or better yet dont do anything. so that i can actually rest.
this week im gonna take care of my body. do my own lulur. losyen to the max. etc. i need to do threading which remind me i need to go to bangsar. maybe on the friday break.
im tired.

tonight im gonna actually list down everything. because so far i have been doing my wedding preparation without a list. jump on there and here.. crazy i know.

owh im so tired.yet again show must go on. off to work people!


  1. hi honey! berdebar kan tinggal lagi semingu lebih je kite akan bertukar status! sangat2 bz dikala ini kan... nah, amik ur award yer.. TQ :)

  2. yuna:omigod seriously sangat berdebar.hehe terima kasih
    fiki: its to cabut bulu badan with benang!