Saturday, October 23, 2010

baju nikah

remember how i told you all before that my mum and auntie requested that i wore a white baju nikah for the akad nikah, instead of just wearing my gold reception dress? i bought one already:-) from wangsa walk. its cheap and nice. simple. rm269.00. so tomorrow im heading to semua house for the veil and tudung. owh i wanted to rent one, but i figure if the colour match with anything that came from the shop i bought my veil, might as well bought it. unless anyone out there has a veil that can borrow me or rent me for less tnan rm40. then i'll take it.
now all i need is a tudung and a veil (owh and to find a matching baju melayu)


  1. hahah chomel, simple je leh pakai g keje nanti.hahah bayangkan saya pakai lab coat putih, baju putih,terbaik la. macam hantu