Friday, October 29, 2010

life after marriage.

i dont know if i am well prepared for it. i am well insya allah prepared for the wedding day. but as for the life after it? well we dont have a check list for it. isnt it?

for such a simple thing, mr nik gonna move in, did i well prepared to make him comfortable with me? did i prepared enough towel? enough bedsheet to change so that he will sleep comfortably? did i buy a good pillow? did i brush on my cooking skill? can i actually get up earlier to make breakfast for him? as for now i get up at 6 am and only manage to get ready for myself!! and i dont even eat breakfast at home.

will i iron his cloth nicely? can i really take care of his feeling? can i manage 2 family at once?

better yet one single sentences can summary all, am i ready to take care of us?

to everyone out there, when we too focus on the wedding itself, how we hope of a fairytales life after marriage, and if it wont happen the waY we wanted it to be, we might fall down and crash.

as for me i am so much more worried about life after marriage rather than the wedding day itself.

insya allah, mr nik is my bestfriend, we can sort this out, slowly and easily.


  1. don't worry syg about the cooking and cleaning things.. i wont change myself 2 become typical husband when we get married.. instead u make a breakfast, i'll do it 4 us.. insyallah i'll cook 4 lunch n dinner 2 (if got time) if not NZ sudey hehehe... we'll do fine.. trust me..

  2. omigod! b.... u read and reply! how sweet of u. sayang b sangat!!! thank u! thank u!