Tuesday, October 19, 2010

to do list

yesterday i made a few to do list. so i can settled a few stuff and be more calm.
as the wedding date is aproaching nearer everyday!
i settled the kebenaran nikah and sent it to encik tok kadi. he remind us to be ready before he even arrive. he dont want to wait for no one.

garang woh?

then i sent more of wedding invitation.

settled my pharmacist licensed registration.

bank in my SPANX purchase at maybank at 6.30am before going to work this morning.

and tonight im going to discuss the caterer stuff with my parents rationally!

i need to sent in my dress and mr nik as well to dry cleaning but im so worried that they will ruined my dress. haha!

i havent booked any hotel for the honeymoon.
i am yet to apply leave for the wedding day as well!!!



  1. meow~

    hyee..hey thanks for visiting n follow my blog dearie.. followed u back! n linked u too.. :)


  2. heehhehehehehe suka baca blog b2b ni banyak idea. i malas malas sahaja