Wednesday, October 6, 2010

kebenaran nikah :2

alhamdullilah, since mr nik has settled his document yesterday, my parents and i went to masjid usamah bin zaid in wangsa maju, to settle my document. and alhamdullilah ustaz mursyidi is very helpful and we settled there immediately that we still got some time to manage and went to jabatan agama islam wilayah to settled kebenaran nikah. and within 15 minutes, all settled.
now all we have to do is waited for 6 november 2010, 10.30 am to get marry. yay!
i am so happy.

i think this friday or saturday both my dresses should be ready. i am going to sent in to dry cleaning and buy the tudung. that is the only thing that yet to be settled.
yay, love that everything is going according to plan and schedule.
owh no, but not my work! haha im having a big research presentation coming up. and i am yet to register as a pharmacist. haha.

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