Saturday, December 10, 2011

perubahan badan

there will be changes in your body when you started pregnant. if you dont keen on the changes, dont be pregnant. pregnancy changes everything. from day 1 until the day your baby is born there still be changes.

1.putting on weight! omg , macam i yang memang dah gemuk ni kan, bertambah la.nak turun balik memang susah. but we can try.

2.stretch marks! omg again.. mine was really hideous.regardless the usage of creams and lotions. they say people with darker skin tend to get stretch mark so visible because of the hyperpigmentation can occur.there i said it. it will be there forever. souvenir from my pregnancy.i dont really care but i wanna look pretty for mr hubby,sob sob

3.if you give birth naturally.there down there is a masterpiece as well. haha i dont know what kind of changes can be happening down there. (maybe i can update later haha) if you give birth trough czer- yeah the marks also will always be there. unless you have money to go for laser or cosmetic surgery.

4.breast. enlargement. my breast has always been is more bigger. even my nipple went trough some changes. change according to how your baby suckle your nipple.crazy! darken,on some spot! not evenly they say because of im using lulur to actually even out the skin colour back.

6.whole body has its own changes. inside we dont know much.but the outer part what visible is this.

if you dont feel all of this changes is worth it.dont have a baby!


  1. Ya Allah..sangat benci tengok badan i skang..semalam snap pics, rasa nak delete. sgt ugly and i keep going on about hubs dh tak larat reassure me yg i will be fine..deep inside i dun feel fine at all with my current body,skin, breast, etc. pastu jerawat pun payah ilang. kurang rest, it affects the skin as well..sedeynyaa..

  2. knn...semua org feel the same way!i was shocked to see my body! crazyyy

  3. Same here. Strecth marks sangat horror, dah macam tembikai! And bila nak kurus pon taktau la.. Stress aje bila nak keluar taktau nak pakai baju ape. But as u put it, its all worth it! Tengok baby senyum, hilang semua, terus happy :)

  4. sya:kan and hopefully husband understand, if dia x paham kita toreh perut dia kasik ada scar sama macam kita hahah