Saturday, December 17, 2011

aleena schedule

whenever she wakes up, feeding time.
slept on and off a few times.
10.00am- mandi time!
then feeding time again and slept on and off.

sleep and feeding.
5.00pm-mandi time again..

sleep and feeding.
10.00pm- bonding time with abi. so mr hubby will rock aleena in her swing while mummy will sleep.
12.00am-1.30am-feeding,sleeping and mummy time again.

every 3-4 hours is diaper changing. unless she poo in interval. extra lah.
playing is in between sleeping and feeding, with mummy or grandparents and auntie or her uncle.

every 2-3 hours is feeding time. and she latch for 15-30minutes each. sometimes more. and then she will have some self soothing and calming time if she doesnt doze off immediately. then off to her swing if she doesnt sleep after that.

now after pantang ended. will be outing in interval of her sleeping time.haha. tak sabar.

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