Friday, December 16, 2011

awkward feeling

okay when my mum and people around me telling me that my baby so attach to me and that my baby aleena will look at me and wants only me, i feel weird and awkward. like are you sure people my baby likes me that much?

because i used to take care of my nieces. and of course they will prefer their mother over us regardless how much time we spent with them, in the end at night time they still wants their mother to console and comfort them.

and now i have my own baby who so in love with her mama.which is me!!
yay! i still feel awkward, and i cant believe that i someone else love me that much beside my family and my husband of course.

and when hubby says that baby aleena prefer me than him, i felt weird like come on for real? hehe ..kesian hubby. i dont think baby aleena prefer me much more than him, it is just that i am the one with the breast of milk! haha

and 1 think for sure, the moment baby aleena was born in this world i felt so humble. not proud.humble.with god gift and the responsibility that lies within.

and all i know is that i am so in love with baby aleena already.

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