Friday, December 2, 2011

baby update

on baby aleena jaundice, last blood test was done yesterday and it has went down to 181. so i am alhamdulillah so happy! i was almost literally jump when i see the result.went in to see the doctor, ask a few question and ask the lovely doctor toLink check her lungs as well. as i can hear some wheezing when she breath. but doctor says all okay.alhamdullilah.

its been 16 days. for the past 2 weeks the struggling that i face wont be achieved if without the help of my supportive and awesome husband, my supermom, and my siblings and of course my bestfriend. they all help me to keep sane and go trough this phase.
alhamdullilah i am getting better, the insanity is still there but slowly fading away. i am more relax and calm.

there is still nipple pain.especially on my right side. all i can do now is praying to Allah s.w.t for the pain to go away and i can breastfeed my baby aleena peacefully without the struggling with milk supply is okay i guess as aleena seem to get enough. i stop pumping now because i read it everywhere that i should only start pumping after baby is 1 month as i need to establish my feeding first. so i stop.

owh now only i realize baby aleena only have newborn baby cloth or must i say uniform! hahah sian my baby. anyway it doesnt fit her perfectly yet as she is still consider as petite. she is still wearing the petite baby cloth i bought for her as my mum says since baby is small it is not nice for her to wear all those baggy clothes. make her look selekeh. yes indeed. luckily i am not stubborn enough and listen to her.

she is alhamdullilah growing well.

owh but feeding during day time is funny. she is sleeping so deeply that whatever i do to wake her up every 2-3 hours for feeding is hard. i kiss her cuddle her play with her face poke her tickle her, she still asleep. talk loudly that doesnt work as well. i had to force feeding her until she actually agreed to latch on. but night time, haiyaa....

everyday,at night around 9 pm mr hubby will rock aleena in buaian for 2-3 hours so that i can get my sleep as for 12am-6am will be a hard one for me as aleena dont sleep much. if not i will be insane. sleepy and restless because i have to feed her almost every hour.hehe

okay that is all for now.

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