Saturday, December 24, 2011

baby sleeping pattern

i bought this for baby aleena as she like to turn her head sideways. often always! so worrying. so i bought this. hah dok static situ. muahahhahahahaha evil laugh!

my baby aleena sleeping pattern is so hay wire. one day she slept trough out the night, and another day she wont.
at first during her 30th first day, she doesnt sleep much at night. one hour is a yay for me!

and then she started to sleep more. she only ask for milk every 2 hours. another yay for me!

now sometimes she sleep up to 3 hours.yay! like last night she slept for 3 hours then only she wakes up for milk and went straight back to sleep. she dindt even open her eyes trough out the night.hehe. yay i got 3 hours each sleep last night. after more than a month of sleepless night!

but if i put baby aleena in to cot she only sleep for 1-2 hours top. 2 hours is rare. i google up and apparently it is called separation anxiety. no wonder when she sleep with me after every feed she will sleep for 3 hours! baby saya manja gittew!

i will not give up on the cot cause i know as she grow older for sure she need to sleep there. as for now once in a while i will let her sleep with me. sempit noks katil, mak pak dia besaq! kalau cik tau cik beli katil satu lagi sambung.coi.


  1. aira langsung xske pkai head support cmtu..head support kt car seat die i tpakse bukak sbb die ngamuk xnak pkai head support tu...die rimas...haha

  2. alaaaaa comey sgt2 haa baby aleena...nampak very clever

  3. anne:haha kena paksa sbb nenek dia sudey bising le takot cucu teleng
    norr:mmg clever pun ngajau mak dia