Tuesday, December 20, 2011


family planning is a must. one thing for sure is that when i was pregnant last time with baby aleena, i was sick trough out my pregnancy. i had asthma and coughing all 9 months. i have recurrent upper respiratory tract infection and was on numerous medicine too.

i was worried that all the medicine might affect my baby and it make me down sometime.alhamdullilah aleena came out perfectly normal, thank you Allah s.w.t.
but i wasn't healthy and felt so uncomfortable trough out my pregnancy.

and so i decided to actually do a proper planning before i get pregnant again.
and i have decided to use implant.i have consult my obgyn and she also suggested to use implanon. but i wont be doing at the private hospital because it is too expensive. it will cost mr rm600 alone for the implanon and other charges are not included. so i decided to do it at LPPKN> for the cost of rm320.

called them just now, but need to call them back on the 44 days of pantang to actually set an appointment date.
to set an appointment and be qualified to use implanon at their center is that dont have sex yet with your husband and they asked me how long is my confinement. 44 days? ahaks.. i should ask which pantang are you referring to? haha

and why i choose this implanon? because saya sangat malas nak makan pil perancang walaupun saya sangat compliance( kata pun pharmacist kan), saya malas nak kena injection, saya malas nak kangkang depan dokter lagi untuk pakai IUCD, and saya malas nak pakai condom sebab karang nak buat projek lupa beli macam mana? ahahaha

hopefully the appointment date is not far away. wanna settle it as soon as possible baru lah boleh pergi honeymoon hehe


  1. waduh2..saya blom fikir lagi pasal nie.konon2 nak rancang sendiri ;D