Monday, December 19, 2011

breastfeed secara baring

OMG! haha alhamdullilah setelah berusaha keras(coi) saya telah berjaya breast feed baby aleena secara berbaring.yipee. best comfy okay! and baby aleena seem more relax and enjoy the position that she slept after each feeding macam kenyang sangat.

i guess the reason is that i can tolerate breastfeeding in longer time compare to sitting down, that makes me so tired, restless and back pain.beside even baby aleena is not comfortable because she is not laying straight. hopefully it is true she is more satisfied drinking her milk this way.insya allah.

another reason is that i want to breast feed laying down so that hubby dont have to swing aleena for so long and i can actually sleep straight away after breast feed her. kesian he ting tong at work.even though i also dont get much sleep since aleena dont slept much at night.

owh and i hate pumping milk. i salute those mothers who pump milk so often and make their stock so early. unlike me i am so malas! i dont get the urge langsung and not comfortable doing so. breastfeeding is so easy. i wish i can take cuti menyusu up to 6 months. but i cant. i really need my salary as i have so much of responsibility.

okay adios.

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