Saturday, December 17, 2011


i still think that i dont breast feed aleena correctly i mean the way she latch on me. she seem to get only nipple most of the time. but since she is comfortable that way i always make do. no wonder my breast and nipple is still sore.

i am watching some videos to correct it. since no one teach me how to breastfeed correctly and i am learning it myself anyway since day 1. and now i wanna learn breast feed while lying down. so that i can sleep at night. but i am scared to do so because my breast is kind a too big and i might suffocate aleena.

and since every time i breastfeed aleena, the other side of the breast always leaks some milk. some i mean usually 1 0z every feeding! and wet my bra and my t-shirt, so i get this avent milk collector. and now i can collect some milk to store since i am so lazy to pump! wohooOoo.i need to go to work at least a day to settle a few document. and the thought of leaving her is really scarring me because of my milk stock. and so i hope i can manage to stock some milk for her while i will be away for a while. ok malas gila nak pump susu jangan end up i gave up and give her formula. and by giving formula doesnt mean im a bad long as i feed her then it is alright.

the reason that i am so upset with breast pumping session is that whenever i pump i always get 1-2 oz only. max 3oz. then aleena will wakes up to breastfeed. then i have to give up the one i already pump.sigh. since i am so damn lazy, i dont find the time to pump yet. will do soon. hehe.

i really want to breast feed while lying down but baby aleena is so small. sigh. grow up bigger and fast baby!


  1. dont worry dear,it takes time to bf ur baby while lying,after 3 months yun baru berjaya,before ni kekok sangat,tak reti nk bg time baring..dont give up mummy! =)

  2. hehehe takot nak breasfeed baring lagi sbb dia kecik tp nak sangat sbb ngantok haha

  3. babe...i pun stock ebm bkn ade pun...b4 start keje mmg xde wat stock n i awl2 pun dh top up aira ngn formula...i pnye bm x terlalu bnyk like certain i keep bf aira..time ade kt umah mmg fully bf die unless die cm x kenyang i top up ngn formula...nak wat cmne...i lebih rela top up die ngn formula dar dgr die melalak x kenyang susu...

  4. anne:babe seriously i rasa if xdapat buat stock i akan top up with formula. and i dont find it salah long as our baby kenyang kan. i malas gila kot nak buat stock omg!

  5. tu laa...if kite dok umah all d time..mmg blh je nk fully bf our baby..i ni pun dh start keje..pumping session bkn leh ikt ske ati i nk gi pump susu time keje ni..kdg2 tgh dok pump org dtg cari..nasib la ade fm S26 Gold...i bg aira S26 from die dlm pantang lg sbb my bm x bnyk time tu...alhamdulillah die die mnm susu tu i tgk progress die sgt cpt..

  6. ane:uwaaa i takut nak masuk kerja sbb nak tinggalkan dia and pump susu. malas and ari tu start pump lepas dia breastfeed sikit cm malas terus nak pump hahaha.. i am thinking of the same milk.tapi mahal nak mampus kan