Friday, December 30, 2011

The last day of the year and the end of my pantang!

YahoOOOo although i am not that strict on my pantang days, but at least i can lay off the guilty part now!! and hubby hopefully wont be as strict to me anymore. hehe

went back to alor setar to bring baby aleena to meet up with her grandparents. she is one lucky baby who got both side of grandparents. cause my niece not as lucky as her. and of course she is the main attention this past few days. as tok umi dont wanna let her go. only during feeding time will she be handed to me. hehe so cute.

what is pantang to me?
pantang makanan yang berangin dan sejuk.
i do urut on the first 3 days and bertungku trough out my pantang. but miss out occasionally.
i do pakai stokin cause i find it is very comforting. i dont know why after giving birth i always felt a bit colder than before. chilly je rasa.
i do pantang ICE! and CAFFEIN!OMG none of this two for 44 days already? clap clap! and will go on from here on.
i do pantang seafood cause i am allergy to them , i dont wanna be itchy, no drugs can be taken dowh! other than that gua bantai semua. badan feel healthier.
i do go out to the malls but max 2 hours.cause of feeding time too.still not good at nursing in public.
i drink lots of water .

for next year i dont have any new year resolution precisely. but i do want to give the best for baby aleena! cant wait to see her progression! yippeee..

happy new year everyone!

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