Tuesday, January 3, 2012

traveling with your baby

last weekend we went back to alor setar for baby aleena to see her grandparents. i was dead nervous to travel with her.like seriously what if ........ and the list goes on and on.
i end up gooogling lots of information and even traveling list for baby which is a big help.
as you can see in the picture aleena slept peacefully and only wakes up for milk and diaper changing.she loves sleeping in the car. asal naik kereta tidur, berhenti je menagis. itu yang bapak dia panic masa mama dia g kencing kat perhentian hahaha.
i think she had a good time there as everyone is paying so much attention to her. macam princess la kan.
and her stuff penuh satu kereta, which include her buaian! haha


  1. my first time travel with baby masa maryam umur 14 hari,from penang to KL and it was horrible. Maryam mabuk keta agaknya..muntah2. panic gila i malam tu. tp naseb baik tgh malam dia dh ok balik. i realised kalau nk susukan dia kena stop keta dulu, cannot susukan while the car is moving...heheheh

  2. yups, unless dia tidur nyenyak lepas tu, because my baby aleena masa otw balik ke kl baru dia muntah sekali sbb dia xtidur balik lepas feed. hehe ,panic kan bila anak muntah.sebenarnya apa pun baby buat lain macam kta panic