Thursday, January 12, 2012

aleena 2 months check up

Aleena is 5 kg! yeah congrats mama.
she is alhamdullilah healthy and growing up accordingly to the chart. but, if she is not, i dont mind uch as long as she is healthy and active.
i dont put so much hope and dream for my aleena, i wanna her to grow up just the way she are. tak kisah la.but im gonna guide her all my best and make sure she make a right decision along the way. boleh?

whatever it is i am just glad she is gaining weight and healthy.


  1. ha'aa la kalu babu gains weight mmg rasa cam the biggest achevement for us kan...maryam 4.9kg at 2 months...i frust skit..hahahah but Alhamdulillah so long that she's well. ;) semoga aleena terus membesar dan sihat2 selalu.. amin ;)

  2. *baby
    (im horrible at typing & spelling) sorry,..heeee

  3. owh nevermind i still understand, sama la kiter hehe,

    kan cam siko je jumpa dokter yg tang weight tu yg tak sabar.hahahahha best kan baby membesar and sihat..lega betul.