Saturday, January 7, 2012

update on motherhood and aleena

so far i am still fully breastfeed. although the urge of giving her some formula to make her feel full, and sleep longer is there. i dont think she had enough with my milk. last time it is so watery, the hind milk part is more than the foremilk. so i was so devastated as aleena seem not satisfied every time i wean her off my nipple.i guess that is why she always hang on to my breast for long hours. now i have to breastfeed her non-stop from 5pm until 9pm. i dont know why she need that. and after that every 2 hours

and i am doing anything i can to make her full. so now i am consuming alfafa from GNC and it seem to be working. alhamdullilah. i am also on multivitamin. and occasionally taking some domperidone to increase my milk production desperately. as i need to make my stock if i ever want to fully breastfeed my aleena. i am assuming if i at least manage to stock 3 oz everyday from now, and by the time i get back to work i will be having some stock maybe +- 30 bottles of 3 oz. which is sufficient enough as they say when we pump at work we will be getting more to cover daily supply.insya allah.
but i will be providing some ISOMIL for emergency in case what i left at the nursery is not enough.

as for her personality, she is a girl but behave like a boy. haha. my dad also think she look and behave like a boy. i think she behave like me. that is why we fight everyday. my husband think the same too.

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