Thursday, January 19, 2012

skills uruskan bayi

pergh title tak boleh blah T_T

skills on handling baby is something that you cant acquire by reading books, or blogs or attending lecture. those are only for reference. but you need to applied accordingly to achieve great result( okay ayat seperti menulis journal).

if my brother doesnt have 2 adorable creature(their daughter), hehe, i would not actually know how to handle baby and kids.

although i dont basically take care of this two often, but basically as what i observe and do previously really do help in managing my baby aleena.
which is creature no 3. haha

one of the skills that i am developing is on HOW TO TAKE A BABY OUT. to malls, parks, and even grandma house.or in my case her great grandma house.
basically if i want to take my baby aleena out, the day is plan ahead. early morning i will express 3 oz of milk or use the frozen EBM as this will be use to feed aleena. i am not very keen on nursing in public nor having any skills on doing so. so i rather go out on weekdays because nursing room will be empty on those day. so if i cant feed her trough bottle i need to find a nursing room. but i have been nursing her a few times in public. nursing cover is damn hot. my baby actually perspire from it. so i dont like using them.

i am using my elder brother stroller, big and bulky but its free (awh kedekut ah saya), actually the reason is that i wanna buy the lightweight stroller from toy r us when she get older.meaning she can sit down already. i doubt we will be out that far too long with babies that i need a stroller for her to sleep in. nowadays yes. that is what i observe from my brother whenever she brought her daughter out, they wont be sitting down in the stroller of the reason is that i am breastfeeding. so max time out is 3 hours. not more than that.beside i dont like going out much anyway except if i really need to shop or makan.

go out before lunch time. and eat first. by the time you are done with lunch, it is lunch time and you wont have to be in the crowd with the others. that is use to shop around. and when baby cry, find a spot for you to have a drink, i love having a slice of cake with some hot drink and chat with my mum(owh my companion for outing during weekdays, who else is not working haha), and ask for a cup of hot water for you to heat ebm in the bottle. and feed your baby while having a break.i found that asking for hot water around is easy when you show the baby bottle. had tried it at starbuck. and it works hehe

and go back before the baby is restless.and you too. it works well with me and i have gone out several times, klcc, the curve, name it.

well will see when i start working.for sure daily life routine gonna change tremendously. but insya allah we will manage.

skills tukar pampers sudah menjadi, a few second sudah siap.
mandi pun sama..leh lambung lambung baby aleena lagi.hoho.
pakaikan problem ,pejam mata pun boleh.
owh saya sedikit kasar dalam handling my baby. but she seem okay with it :-)

owh i need to shop as her booties semua dah kecik T_T stokin tak cukup. so far semua mitten and booties dia tak hilang satu pun.semua cukup pasangan. clap clap rasa nak simpan semua untuk kenangan. tapi semak samun pula.will choose one yang dia paling pakai. awww baby aleena is growing up already. sob sob. owh rompers up to 5kg sudah ketat.tak berani nak pakaikan dia dah.nanti tak boleh bukak balik kena gunting pula.....mana nak simpan..nak buang sayang, nak simpan untuk future baby macam erkk tak payah kot.beli lain la, macam mahal sangat. tak adil pula.unless those baju yang mahal simpan la kan. tapi aleena mana ada baju yang macam mahallll gila nak simpan...hoho

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