Sunday, December 11, 2011

Penjagaan bayi baru lahir

this doesnt apply to everyone.only applies to baby Aleena.

when she came back from hospital, i noticed she sleep a lot. no wonder since she got jaundice. now that she is alhamdullillah better, she rarely sleep at night but sleep trough out the day time.

taking care of a baby is so stressful. i am bless to have my skilful mom around to help me with her. as my mum already have 6 children and 2 granddaughter she has been taking care off.
i know that taking care of a baby is a full time job, demanding and stressful, but i dont know it is thissSSsss hard! haha

what i am so afraid off is that i am too strong on her, what if i break her, of harm her or bruises her? yikes! scary. to dress her is one thing, to undo her clothes is another. scary merry!

head to toe:
i only bought small toiletries for her as i am afraid she will have sensitive skin like me. i grew up with SebaMed because not only i have eczema but i also a lactose intolerance baby, so any dairy product will cause my skin to irritate.
so far she is using head to toe J&J. as it is finishing i will continue to use the same thing.

and i use other J&J product as well such as baby talcum powder, lotion and baby oil. i used baby talcum powder for her joint and neck area as she sweat and develop rashes, and when i put the powder the rashes disappear alhamdullilah.
baby lotion for her skin and to massage her. twice daily after each bath. and baby oil to clean her ears and private part once in a while.

i dont use minyak yuyi cap limau, as my sister in law said , she once use it on my niece and they develop irritation on their skin and suggest minyak TYT. and been using it ever since. but still she develop colic and windy.but i think it does help her to pass wind. goody.

aleena loves people to bath and change her diapers. she dont cry. but after she had her bath i need to quickly put her on diaper because she will pee after each bath! owh notty girl. and most of the time, after each diaper change she will only then poo. she need new diaper to pass her bowel. expensive baby girl.

to clean her nose, i use cotton buds, and swirl it in her nose to take out her boogers. as for ears as well.

for every nappy change, if she poo i will wash her(during day time), previously i used too much of that wipes, i think she develop rashes. i was already freak out thought she is allergic to the diapers and i need to change to different brand. at night (since it is cold)i will use water spray to clean her buttock every time i change her diapers. alhamdullilah no more rashes.

i love to dress her in white. she look serene in white.:-)

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