Wednesday, November 2, 2011

37 weeks check up!

went to o&g department for check up. my 37 weeks. baby is doing masya allah very fine. she is now officially 3kg! omg how come she grow so fat. no wonder mummy tummy is so big now.
clean up my room and pack baby and mummy bag already! yay!

and i went for a very challenging interview just now. let me say if i dont get it, i wont mind. it is such a good experience for me.
other than that i am content and very happy!


  1. wow...memeng baby u membesar bagai juara,i last week dia baru mak dia yg membesa bagai juara.tebalik pulak..huhu

  2. hehehehehe i x gain weight sangat. the baby did. hehe

  3. waaa dh nearing the delivery date dah.. sya pla berdebar2 nk tggu ur baby lahir.. x sabar nk tgk gambar baby!! hehe

  4. sya:saya sangat nervous sbb cousin beranak 2 hari lepas. kawan sekerja semalam. omg.excited. hehe

  5. glaxo interview for the post of production pharmacist