Wednesday, November 9, 2011

38th weeks check up!

i might be writing up till 40th weeks check up.haha since today doctor do a VE(vaginal examination) with hope i am dilating already! but nooOOOOOO.
none at all. she is so frustrated. wishing to admit me to the ward today!

dokter pula yang kecewa. kesian dia. i ok sahaja. although memang sangat excited nak jumpa my baby, but then if she is not ready to come out and play, stay inside where it is safer and warm.

owh the last entry i wrote that baby is 3.0kg! well well well typical MA (medical assistant) apparently she is not. she is only 2.6kg.(2.566 something something kg). i know already because when i ask the MA she dint even look back at the scanner. he just assuming. never mind, that is why i do 2 different check up at 2 different places.

other than that doctor says the amniotic fluid is okay, baby insya allah is okay. all we need to do now is wait.
wait shall we.
going out later to enjoy myself.hehe :-)

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