Tuesday, November 29, 2011


we have slaughter a goat for aleena aqiqah on the 29.11.11 , 14 days after her delivery. at first want to do it within 7 days, but i am still struggling with my pain, breastfeeding, aleena jaundice and getting to know her. it is not easy.
so we did it on the 14 days, and will have the kenduri insya allah this sunday 4 december 2011.as her grandparents from alor setar can only come on the date itself. so goody!

we will only have makan-makan. i am not planning on anything fancy. as i am so nervous aleena gonna be restless by the end of the day. nervous! and im pretty sure i will be damn tired too.

other than that is the same ol same ol condition where i am struggling with nipple pain on my right breast.alhamdullilah my left side is okay already. and trying to understand aleena. fighting my baby blues emotion. crying occasionally.but way much better.

aleena rezeki is masya allah marvelous. and today im going to the klinik kesihatan again for her blood test for bilirubin level. will see how, but insya allah i am pretty sure it is dropping as i can see it already.

having a baby is the hardest thing in life one can actually face.if you want extreme responsibility and challenge try to have a baby. the challenge start off from getting pregnant, during pregnancy, during labour, and it will last forever. not for a fainted heart.