Monday, November 7, 2011

mummy and baby bags

i manage to prepare the bag by this week. properly pack everything.insya allah i have pack everything the way i should.

for mummy bag: (the list was given by Hospital kuala lumpur during atenatal class)
1)kain batik 3 pasang
2)baju butang depan 2 pasang
3)maternity pad
4)nursing bra
5)stocking and sweater
6)towel and toiletries
7)i add skirt and blouse (pakaian balik dari hospital)/maxi dress should be good too.
8)telekung and sejadah
9)breast pad

for baby bag:
1)baju butang depan 3 helai
2)seluar 3 helai
3)napkin 1/2 dozen
4)pampers 1 pack
5)booties and mitten
7)baby wipes
8)receiving blanket
9)baby toiletries and towel
10)barut baby
11)i add baby wash cloth and handkerchief. and baby shoe haha

i separated baby and mummy bag as it is easier for us to grab the stuff.
owh there is also list for those stuff such as thermos, piring, pinggan, cawan, sudu etc. i dont know if i need to bring those.but if in case i need will ask my mum to bring it later instead.

other than that dont forget the important document such as:
1.the pink book!
2.both parents ic
3.bukti kahwin(sijil nikah or kad perakuan nikah)
4.guarantee letter.
(the list apply if you want to give birth in government hospital)

owh never ever bring bottle or pacifier. memang kena rampas ye di hospital kerajaan.

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