Monday, November 21, 2011

Pengalaman bersalin

hari ini ada tarikh appointment dengan dokter Norlida at Al-Islam medical center kampung baru. last week dokter seluk kat bawah and says insya allah i will deliver my baby on this date. i was skeptical. come on how come doctor knows kan? hehe

arrive so early to avoid the jams. went in to give my appointment card and get a number 6001. haha 1st one to arrive. since my appointment is at 8.30am, i arrive at 7.30 am, park my car at the hospital and walked to mak wanjor nasi lemak(oh my last nasi lemak)

and then sharp at 8.30am the doctor called me in, scan the baby heart beat, check the position. all in. and then the seluk time. the opening is already 3 cm! owh no wonder last night i was cramping. and so the doctor told me that i need to be warded already. hehe. saya meminta izin untuk balik rumah dulu. of course the doctor says no. but i told her i came with only my wallet. so i want to go home and take my bags and my mummy. (biasalah dah besar pun bila sakit nak mak sendiri je kan)

called and sms hubby a few times. no answer sigh. called my mum told her im going into labour today but on the way home.everyone panicking cause im still driving. hahah i know 1st labour lambat. so drove home, had another shower, wash my hair again.get dress and my sister drove me back to the hospital.

mr husband is panicking, wanna take leave. (since he newly on the job, he cant have any leaves yet until confirmation,so if he take leave it is unpaid a no-no)told him no need as it will take forever to actually open until 10 cm. so he says okay.he will be on standby.
came by at lunch hour.

i only had mild contraction pain trough out until 5pm. then the nurses came with enema, went to the toilet , perform asar prayer and into the labour room. hubby came later as he went to the mosque and had early dinner(and his lunch too sian dia) before teman me.

into the labour room,a nurse check the opening. it is still 3 cm, called up the doctor and then the doctor ask to start induce. when the doctor came in the opening is 4cm and offered epidural.hesitate at first but accept it anyway. and i dont regret it. at least i am not in pain and the opening of 4cm to 10 cm is bearable.

at 11.00pm the nurses says i can push already as the opening is 10cm, i started to panic. hehe already remind my husband to hold my head and remind me to not angkat the punggung and pandang ke bawah masa push.alhamdullilah he remember and was amazingly guiding me trough out the labour.

he never leave my side. always help to reduce my pain. he even dare to look down there and told me he can see her head already. and when the baby come out and the doctor ask me if the baby is girl or boy i am confuse, but says girl eventually.

so far the whole labour process was okay for me. since i took epidural. and my family and husband all the time is there.

will update more later.

doktor jahit dalam.cara baru. so the next day i can walk already and at 6 days of pantang, i went to the hospital and walk like normally. owh my baby is jaundice.will tell the experience later on the next post.

i love my baby girl aleena so much.

or nik aleena nik mohamad farhan.

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  1. assalam..

    aleena, brapa kos bsalin kat situ tmasuk epidural tu? kalau basic tanpa epidural brapa?