Monday, November 14, 2011

waiting for it to happen(labour)

my notes. things to buy for my baby.and now it is touch for my baby crib. mind the blue cover up. to prevent dust and those extra cushion and throw away, from my bed.hehe tumpang katil anak sebab semak sangat katil mak bapak dia bila nak tidur. hiasan semata.

i dont think it is coming anytime soon.but then i am feeling some pain and it is getting intense.
while waiting, since i am already on leave, i just do nothing. haha seriously.nothing. resting. but i am helping my mum taking care of my 2 nieces. tomorrow is my hospital kuala lumpur check up and the next day is my al-islam medical center check up. i go both. even though i am planning to give birth in al-islam medical center, i just prepare in case they cant accept me for whatever complication and they have to refer me to government hospital.i am ready.