Sunday, October 30, 2011

baby stuff again

since fiki the wiki says i dont buy much stuff for my baby. hehe, so i go and shop some more. actually this is coincidence i wanted to drink some chatime at mr hubby brought me there just now for some tea and shopping.
and so i bought t-shirt for baby aleena from mothercare cause they got 30% weh, and her 1st toys! and my nipple cream.hehe.
currently i sweat like nobody business. my hair will be wet drench in sweat. why la? so i need to stay in aircond 24 hours.panas.

i have set aside, a few hundreds for aqiqah.really wanna do it within 7 days after aleena is born. however her tok mi and tok pa from kedah can only come on the 30th. so a few option need to be consider.

mr hubby and i really cant wait for our baby to come out. hehe i wanna gigit and gomol her much!


  1. Hehe memang macam tu, rasa panas sgt esp. when nearing the end of the 3rd trimester ni. Sya dulu tido pakai singlet & undies je, x tahan panas tahap dewa sampai sometimes i pg berendam dlm bath tub tgh2 malam.. hahaha..

  2. sya:omg mmg ye..teruk gila kan panas dia.mmg xtahan