Monday, October 24, 2011

36 weeks baby progression.

went to the doctor just now.with lots of question.but end up asking nothing. kind a getting the answer already trough the internet since i am so freaking hardworking in doing my own research.

stomach is easily cramping now.i really cant lay down on the left side. i rather lay down on my right side. more comfy. sleeping on my back also alhamdullilah doesn't give me any problem so far even with my asthma.
my asthma and breathing is getting better. pantang ice sedikit, doa and the steroid i have been taking.

baby alhamdullilah is healthy i assume. doctor do the measuring and the baby weight currently is 2.4 kg. my weight doesn't increase at all! i ate like nobody business already.
but nevermind i dont think that is an issue since baby weight is increasing. by 2 weeks baby increase by 200g.sufficient enough for me. although the website that i have been following since my early pregnancy show that the baby should be 2.6kg by now. never mind she can gain that in 2 weeks time okay sayang.

i went to mothercare on saturday to buby baby aleena pajamas. but end up not buying. i dont know why. never mind can someone buy that for my baby as a present? the pink 10 in one baby pajamas. :-) from mothercare.

i am so tired nowadays. can simply fall asleep anywhere. not much energy left after work that i dont do any activities at all. today i walk a bit more and i felt so exhausted. but i need to go out later to settle all my bills. just thinking of it making me nausea and tired already.
other than the cramping i am alhamdullilah okay so far. and the baby movement still doesnt hurt me at all. i feel at ease and happy whenever she moves. i like the way she moves ahahahaha..


  1. hye there...just dropping by nak wish jugak the same thing u wished me....WELCOME TO 36 WEEKS!hehehhe... soon the baby will arrive, huh! mak2 la pulak kita..hihi