Friday, October 14, 2011

35 weeks and sick

since i started pregnant i was never a healthy one. sick all way trough.imagine being coughing for the past 8 months , flu and wheezing occasionally.

this 3 days is the worst ever. i went to the emergency department for nebulizer and end up being injected with some corticosteroid. still i am in bad condition. today is no different but i am so weak to go all the way to the hospital.
how i wish i am a healthy pregnant women who just being concern about braxton hicks occasionally and cramping only. but as for me i have to deal with all this. asthma, and pregnancy stuff too.
now that i am coughing like hell, my upper side of stomach is cramping and i cry everytime i cough because it hurts so bad.

i am worry that my baby is affected to all this so bad. i feel even worse.
i am praying that i'll be healthy again. maybe all of this will go away once i deliver my baby girl.


  1. huhu mesti xlarat ni..semoga cepat sembuh..dugaan masa prgnnt,insyaallah masa bsalin nnt dipermudahkan Allah..

  2. insyaAllah nnt ok, jgn skip minum susu 2 avoid cramp darling.. banyak kan mkn buah2an..since u got flu.. mkn buah oren..wish u get well soon

  3. sha: uish mmg xlarat dah. rasa x mampu nak p kerja. thank u for ur doa
    farhanna: i xleh minum susu sebab lactose intolerance. so makan calcium pills sahaja
    fiki:noo i wish i am