Tuesday, October 4, 2011

husband is away

my husband is away for a week for his induction.
as he is newly working in bank rakyat as auditor for IT.
its been a while since he has to go anywhere for such a long time.
since i am pregnant, i have been too attached to mr husband. seriously like everytime i wanna be with him, spent time with him and i dont feel bored at all.
i rather just lay down on the bed in his arm, rather than go outside and all. i dont want to spent time alone but with him.
i became too clingy and dependent.

my mum says it is because i am pregnant with my daughter that i am too attach to mr husband. but i dont mind.i really love being clingy to him. even just touch or feel his skin is enough to make me smile. knowing he is there. (anyway before i am pregnant i was like this as well hehe)

when he is away, i told him to call me as often as he can and sms me frequently
too. yes he did. but only one day he was too busy that he only sms me hours after. piss off quite bad at that time. hehe. but of course he pujuk make me cair.

i hate being apart from him. i dont like it. miss him terribly much. the first few days is even worse. i am saluting those with long distance relationship!. i am praying for you all to be tough and all the love to you. seriously it is not easy. maybe during those years of before marriage( i can says this because i did a year of long distance while im in indonesia and he is in malaysia), is easier.but marriage is differ.

and being pregnant doesnt make thing easier too. i miss my daily massage, cuddling to soothes my pain. now that i am in my 8 months of pregnancy, my whole body is aching. and only his massage and touch can soothe it.
(mesin masssage ogawa doesnt work wonder like his hand.i did try during his absence ni with my dad ogawa machine tak menjadi, still sakit badan). owh no one to take drinks for me when im thirsty. no one to buy me food, i need to go out myself. uwa... faster come back.

my husband is so patience and soft with me. no wonder i am so mengada. right? :-)

just wanna says i miss my dear husband very much.
every night waiting for his romantic sms that will melt my heart away.

ps: after he hang up just now, he told me then only his other colleague remember to call their wife. heheh comel.

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