Friday, July 15, 2011


i am so freaking tired. alhamdulillah it is friday night again! ho yeah!.
went back home, (caught in a little bit of traffic, took longer than 15 minutes to arrive home).
had nasi panas, sambal belacan, telur goreng with kicap, kari ikan and sayur bayam while it is raining heavily. heaven.
had shower.
lay down on the sofa while watching you tube with mr hubby. peaceful.

i notice whenever i touch my husband, my baby will kick more. i think my baby love his daddy too. maybe baby can feel how much i love daddy. and maybe because everytime i touch my husband, my heart beats like a drum and i feel calm and so much love.:-) weee.....

im gonna enjoy my weekend so much.need this so much.

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