Friday, July 22, 2011

follow up

my appointment for baby check up was suppose to be last thursday. but due to some problem, i postponed it to next monday.
im going to port dickson over the weekend for a pharmacist conference. i wasnt supposed to be traveling but wont miss a chance to spent time with my friends.

baby stuff progression is really bad.
sigh, malas gila nak shopping barang baby, boleh?

cant wait for monday check up.everyone has been commenting that my stomach doesnt seem to grow much or shown much.risau pula.
i do feel like it is shrinking a it possible?


  1. dear,jgn risau sgt psl tummy tu,mmg kdng2 nmpk kecik,kdng2 nmpk besar,as long as the baby healthy,xyh risau k..die bukan shrink kot,mayb die ubah position sikit,tu nmpk comel je..nti da shopping brg baby share2la ye..take care! =)

  2. AHHAHAHHA OKEH..risau gileee..takot perut mmg shrink