Saturday, July 30, 2011

shopping di parenthood expo

i dindt buy much. why? cause i have been spending a bit every month so that i wont feel the huge amount spent on baby stuff hehe:-)
went there to get myself bottle warmer. a few shoppe sell for rm289. there i got it for rm229. so okay. good bargain. and a few more newborn baby wear. this time i got 3 sets of pink! ahah
i hate the crowd but for this purpose i am willing to do it!tired like hell.
and i am also looking for bathtub for baby. but none of it caught my eye. still aiming the bathtub i look at mothercare. even though it is expensive, but i dont know i just love it. will buy it after i buy my baby cot.
so far.
i decided to break my baby shopping spree into a few division. pergh. just like when i am preparing myself for my wedding too.
1st and foremost is breastfeeding stuff.
done with breastpump, sterilizer,bottle and warmer.


baby clothes and wear. buy only a few. only the first month or newborn only. white and a few pink. also done.


baby cot and mattress,blanket and etc. not yet. not even one single thing. will insya allah do on my next pay. budget parent to be, macam long as no hutang at all for the baby stuff.


baby bath. bathtub aiming the mothercare one. then hers baby toiletries will be insya allah aiming for sebamed. why? when i was a baby, my parents use this for me as i have sensitive skin. so will see how my baby will be.

as fpr stroller and car seat, alhamdullilah i dont have to buy since my brother has 2 daughter and i can use their as they are much older now. yahOOooOOOo!

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