Wednesday, July 6, 2011

why love is very important in marriage

this rely solely on my observation.

i am still in my early marriage life. people might says owh, baru lagi kahwin, tak merasa lagi asam garam rumahtangga. yeah maybe you guys are right. but hey, i have been hearing this statement event before i am married. at first they say, owh tunggu la lepas 3 bulan kahwin, baru tau perangai sebenar pasangan masing-
masing. lepas dah 3 bulan, cakap 6 bulan pula. and it will go on and on and on...

im telling you it will never end!just like when people ask you, when are you gonna have a boyfriend/get engaged/get marry/have kids/have 2 kids/have a dozen kids. hahahahah best. mulut masyarakat.

firstly, why you get marry? for the sake of im aging, my clock is ticking?because everyone is doing so? because hukum agama? because of what. it depends on you individually. everyone is different and none is equal. as for me:

1.i am so in love. i wont lie. soOOOOoOOOo in love.
2.i dont want to loose him, and i dont want anyone else to have him!greedy.
3.hukum agama. sebab dah mula gatal, mana tahan, husband i handsome and macho man. pergh.. hahaha (people dont lie, you guys are the same,everyone find his boyfriend is the most handsome and macho man ever)
4.he is my bestfriend! and he is the only man i can respect, after my father. the only. you see i am stubborn and outspoken and thinks i am always right. so is not easy to find a guy who fits this criteria ladies.
5.and it will goes on and on and on..

why do i emphasize on the in love part. come on ladies, if you love him, regardless how long you gonna be together, you will always love him. some people get marry because of money.(what if money habis?) can you still be in a marriage with him? i dont think so!
you gonna see this guy everyday for the rest of your life, will you ever develop hate towards him? okay i dont wanna speak in general here. let discuss me. i love discussing about me.(haha only in blog, real life, i dont talk much about me).

1.i am in love with my husband. why. because i see only the good things about him, even the smallest little thing as he wake up and tap my back whenever i cough like hell in the middle of the night.

2.he wakes up and asked me if im okay everytime i go to the toilet in the middle of the night(walaupun dia dah tahu i nak kencing, like 5 times per night)

3.he bring me a glass of water and put beside my bed so i wont go thirsty and have to wake up and go to the kitchen to drink

4.he kiss me and hug me countless time like he adore me so much even i am fat, smelly and obviously so round this day. cis.

5.he like to buy gadget to make my entertainment life easier.haha

6.even dia cuti, dia akan bangun pagi teman and stare at me while saya siap pergi kerja, baru dia tidur balik.comel.

7.he still call me and sms me everyday,just to say i love you. or the as people always says mengada..and gedik.."dah makan dah?, makan ape?" " dah sampai rumah dah" and on and on.

8.he never buli me! never ask me to cook(sebab saya ada penyakit masa mengandung hehehe) or anything. so understanding right.

9. he lipat kain masa cuti! weeeeeeee

10.he is never moody. best.

and the list goes on and on...

as for jenis-jenis pasangan:

1. pasangan yang seperti suami isteri sebenar.
this is for me a real traditional couple. most of our parents is like this. regardless if they are arranged marriage or use to be in love and decided to get marry.
this couple usually, the husband play most of the role as a man of the house. he works, and he is bossy.
the wife usually is working or mostly is a housewife. cooks, cleans, raise the children and etc, by herself. the husband rarely helps.the children and the wife respect the husband but at the same time is scared of the father. they are not friend. they are husband and wife. father and mother. this kind of guy is usually very responsible.

2.pasangan yang seperti kawan.
this is the new millennium couple.most of us nowadays is like this. where we can hang out and talked about most of the things. we lepaks and can be friend with each other friends. we share chores and responsibility in marriage. we are almost equally the same because both is working. but husband is still husband. when we have kids, husband still can change diapers and feed baby with bottle and food.

3.confuse couple.
both is confuse of each other. whether to still be friend or to be the traditional couple. mixed with each and end up wondering why i get marry. roughly this confuse couple usually married because everyone is doing so. they still have unfinished business. each of them of course. maybe they still wanna travel, chasing after the career but also bonded with the responsibility of having a baby and all.still wanna hang out with the single friend till late at night but the husband/wife not allowed this matter. yeah confuse as i say. this couple usually take a few years to actually reach stable state.

4.couple yang kahwin just for the sake of marriage.
life is still the same except for the fact they are married,live under the same roof, and halal. but other than that both of them lead their own life. and all. the modern and career only type .

5. the mixed of all 4.
hahah common. everyone has a stage where you get confuse. the marriage life is hard if you make it hard. if you make it fun. it will be fun. i love my marriage life. it is so comfortable! that what marriage should be like. a mixed of everything. right.
you cant ditched you friends after husband still allowed me to go hang out with my besties. you cant ditched your career, i am still working, i even have 2 jobs. family. and your own hobbies.( i dont have one, haha)
my husband loves gym, i dont mind him spending hours there. but he knows his limits. and etc.

communication is very important in marriage. understanding is way important. trust. and LOVE! love your husband. says and sms good words, lovely duvey words, call each other by love. be gediks, love it! fight! scream! but with love. be his bestfriend. ups and down. be his wife. be his lover. be everything to him. most importantly loves him! dont let the love slip away.(this is a reminder to me too)

nasihat saya:dont make such a big deal out of everything, let it go. so what if he..this and that... i still love him. he still love me....

dont think much. just let it be. you will be happier.

marriage rocks people!if you make it one.

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