Sunday, July 3, 2011

my pregnancy experience so far

the list goes on and on..

1.nausea and vomiting. all day. until i am 4 months 2 weeks, now i am vomiting early morning only.
2.cough and flu. terrible. my sinusitis went haywire. i am coughing from early pregnancy until now at 5 months. still. bad. but no more flu. just post nasal drip making me cough real bad at night. asthma. i had asthma attack every night. went to asthma bay in emergency once. get to take nebulizer 3 times in out patient clinic and in the end at staff maternity clinic, the doctor decided i need to start on budesonide inhaler to prevent my asthma from worsening and alhamdullilah it is way much better now.
4.bleeding. i was diagnose with low lying placenta from 13 weeks of pregnancy. up until now whenever it wanna bleed, it will bleed. sigh.this worry me so much, the last bleeding episode is when i drive all the way to sepang for a seminar, i end up bleeding more than i use to, it lasted one day and stop the next day.
5.other than that , are all the normal pregnancy uncomfortable thingy. like back pain, shortness of breath and all.

i am so worried with my sickness that it will do harm to the baby. but people says that if the mother is sick, the baby is healthy.i do hope so.pray for it too.

i am praying for the safety of my baby.

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